Next time you need to be a little more considerate while picking up a bedsheet for your room. We bet you don’t know how a bedsheet can impact your mood. That’s the fact! A bedsheet is not just a cover for your mattress, it is a mood changer. The effects on mood by bedsheets is called “The Bed Effect”. Here is a compilation of interesting facts about how bedsheets can flip-flop your mood. 


Your aesthetics and tastefulness are reflected by the place you live in. If you have a well-organized bedroom, it will reflect your orderly personality. On the other hand, an unarranged bedroom will reflect your good-for-nothing personality. Only changing the bedsheet can change your reasoning, behavior, and mood. Not only hues but the patterns of bedsheets also have various influences on the psyche. Here are some ways in which bedsheets impact your mood.


Imagine a seductive bedsheet? Red it is! If you want to set the mood for a perfect weekend with your partner, a red bedsheet is a way to go. The red color is known for its stimulating properties. Additionally, the red color is very energetic and vibrant. It gives activation energy to the onlooker. Mostly, couples choose to have a red bedlinen set for their perfect date nights. Spread a red bedsheet to infuse romance in the air!


Yellow is a happy color. If you’re going through Monday blues, spread a yellow sheet on your bed. The yellow color is known for promoting cheerfulness and joy. It is also a preferred color for baby nurseries due to its lively properties. 


It might sound surprising, but blue is the most therapeutic color. Blue color has the most calming, soothing effect on the human psyche. Interior advisors suggest blue color to people who suffer from hypertension, stress, and anxiety disorders. The blue color will calm down the storms and help you drift to a peaceful dose. In short, a hue of blue to the rescue!


Violet is a result of the warmest and coolest colors (red and blue). Hence, color promotes balance, harmony, and spirituality. Violet is the color of meditation. If you find peace in meditation, violet bedsheets are for you. Moreover, violet bedsheets are known to quiet the noises in the head. Consequently, this color also promotes healthy sleep.


The status of green color is evident because it is the primary color in nature. The green color is a stress-reliever. Including psychologists, spiritual healers also recommend a green hue to heal. Green color significantly reduces the symptoms of depression. Additionally, some say that green color also has pain-relieving properties. If you want to refresh your bedlinen, opt for a green tone. It won’t disappoint!


Although the basic properties of each color are afore-mentioned, different hues of color have different properties. A bright green may energize the vibe whereas, a pastel, minty green would calm down the mood. While choosing the right color for the bedsheets, observe the vibe of the hue. Additionally, darker bedsheets can make your room look more congested and darker. On the other hand, lighter tones might make your room appear airier and well-lit. Also, think twice before choosing a bold color combination for your space. Complimentary color combinations might disturb the harmony of your room. It’s better to consult the bedsheet advisor at the outlet. 



Considering the pattern of your bedsheet is the main factor. Disregarding the print and color combination might make the bedsheet look misfit in your room. Busy patterns make the bed look messed up, and consequently make you anxious. On a contrary, minimal prints are easy to handle. Large designs are great for diverting attention whereas small designs might keep you engaged. Hence, the “bed effect” study helps to determine the right bedsheets and mood for your room.

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