Hard Mattress Vs. Soft Mattress - A Complete Guide

Hard Mattress Vs. Soft Mattress - A Complete Guide

When buying a mattress, you want to ensure that you get the best kind of mattress for your needs. After all, having a good night's sleep starts with having the right bed! 

With many choices in mattresses today, it can be hard to choose. One of the best places to start is deciding whether you should get a hard or soft mattress. Both types have several benefits, yet how do you know which is best for you? 

Let's help you figure out which is right for you.

Hard Mattress 

Hard or firm mattresses are those in which the coils or firm setting is set to keep a person from sinking into a mattress. 

Advantages of a Hard Mattress 

  • It helps keep your body in proper alignment. Laying on a hard mattress can allow the body to apply in the appropriate alignment. This, in turn, can decrease many pains in the body and ultimately help with posture! 

  • Reduces pressure on your circulatory system allowing for more oxygen intake while sleeping. You can reduce pressure on your circulatory system by lying on a hard mattress. This ultimately helps improve blood flow within your body!

  • May reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that sleeping on a hard mattress may lower stress levels. Because many pains can be decreased with the right mattress, the stress levels will decrease as the pain decreases.

  • Firm mattresses are made to be strong and to prevent people from sinking into the mattress. They are more durable and last longer. This, in turn, ensures that your mattress will be long-lasting for years to come!

  • It can be more versatile. If a mattress is too hard to get used to at the beginning, you can add a mattress topper or support pillows to help you get used to the mattress. It allows you to make the bed as soft or firm as you need it to be!

Soft Mattress 

Soft mattresses are those that have lighter coils or settings to allow a person to drop into the mattress gently. 

Advantages of a Soft Mattress 

  • Helps relieve joint and muscle pains. It provides easier support for the joints and muscles. Soft mattresses aren't very firm, making them ideal for those with joint and muscle aches.

  • It can help align hips. Because soft mattresses provide light support, making them an excellent choice for those with hip pain! 

  • It is usually easier to move. Some soft mattresses, such as memory foam mattresses, are easier to move around homes and rooms than traditional ones. This makes setting it up easier in the long run!

  • Having light support can help relieve a person's lower back pain. It may relieve back pain. Back pain that feels worse with surface pressure may benefit from using a softer mattress.

  • Is it an excellent option for light sleepers? Light sleepers may find it harder to fall asleep on a firm mattress. This makes softer mattresses a great opportunity and may help improve their quality of sleep overall!

Further, as with any purchase, choosing the wrong type of mattress can have a few drawbacks. The following is a list of the disadvantages of both types of mattresses: 

Disadvantages of a Hard Mattress 

  • As mentioned earlier, those with joint and muscle pain may need soft support to help relieve chronic pain. A hard mattress cannot provide that support! Not ideal for those with joint and muscle pain.

  • May increase lower back pain. Depending on a person's pain, a firm bed may increase lower back pain, as it doesn't provide gentle support.

  • It can be hard to adjust to for the first few days. If a person is not used to the firmness of a hard bed, it may take a week or more to adjust to a hard mattress.

  • It can cause problems for people with lighter body weight. Because a person with a lighter body weight can't sink into a hard mattress, they may not be able to adjust to a firm bed. This, in turn, could disrupt their sleep quality and/or cause other problems.

  • You may need to adjust to meet your body's needs. Because a hard mattress may take time to get used to, you may need to add a mattress topper or pillows to allow your body to get accustomed to the mattress itself. This, in turn, may add more cost to the overall purchase.

Disadvantages of a Soft Mattress 

  • Doesn't support spinal alignment. Since a softer mattress doesn't have as much firmness as a hard mattress, it wouldn't help or improve spinal alignment.

  • It can be more expensive. As softer mattresses are newer than traditional ones, they can be more expensive.

  • It isn't always ideal for couples. Couples tend to have different comfort levels and needs. A softer mattress might not be able to accommodate each person individually.

  • It can become uncomfortable for those with heavier body weight. Since softer mattresses can cause a person to sink into the mattress itself gently, a person with a heavier body weight may find that a softer mattress would wear out sooner overall. A firmer mattress would provide a better quality of sleep for a heavier individual.

  • It may need replacing after a few years. Because softer mattresses don't have a lot of firmness, these mattresses tend to wear out within several years from the purchase date.


After having a comprehensive knowledge about both the mattresses, it will be easier for you now to choose between the two as per your needs. You can get the best mattresses of your choice from a wide variety that we have. Explore our collection now and get your desired mattress.

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Eliza Budd

Eliza Budd

This blog is definitely helpful and informative. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing these!

Eli Richardson

Eli Richardson

I found it interesting when you described how soft mattresses could reduce our hip and muscle pains. My wife and I decided it’s time we invest in a new mattress since our current one is causing us back pain, so next weekend we’d like to buy one. The only problem is that we don’t know which mattress would be better for us, and I think your article will help us select one that’d help us sleep better. Thank you for the information on soft and hard mattresses and their comfort levels. https://www.chiltonfurniture.net/



Thanks for telling the difference between from soft & Hard Mattresses. You can also buy the best mattresses for comfortable mattresses. To know more about the mattresses, visit our website today: https://universalmattresses.in

Anna Collins

Anna Collins

I’m so glad you mentioned how soft mattresses help relieve joint and muscle pains since they provide easier support. I’ve been experiencing persistent back pain for the past few months, and it’s because of my bed. I’ll be sure to consider getting a softer one when I find a good mattress dealer. http://www.bestmattresstucson.com/

Anna Collins

Anna Collins

I’m so glad you mentioned how soft mattresses help relieve joint and muscle pains since they provide easier support. I’ve been experiencing persistent back pain for the past few months, and it’s because of my bed. I’ll be sure to consider getting a softer one when I find a good mattress dealer. http://www.bestmattresstucson.com/

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