DIY Bed Sheet Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Bed Sheet Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween calls for only two things. Spooky costumes and treats! So buckle up guys, it’s that time of the year again. Leaves are falling, your pumpkins are ready to be carved and all you need now is a Halloween costume

If you do not have time and money for detailed and aesthetic costumes this year, do not worry! We have the simplest solution for you. Get crafty this Halloween with a DIY bed sheet costume. 

Style and transform your old bed sheet into a creative costume.

Welcome the spooky season with some creativity.

Check out this clever Halloween costume idea before your next haunting adventure. 

Classic Ghost with Non-Slip Eyes


Materials Required:

  • A white bed sheet.
  • A pair of scissors
  • One light colored beanie
  • Some safety pins
  • 1 black permanent marker

All we ever wanted as kids after seeing a white bed sheet was to be this ghost. This is the easiest and sweetest costume idea for everyone. Be it adults, kids or dogs!

But when we use it on our hair it seems to slip a lot. Let us help you with a trick!

Do not place the bed sheet directly on your head. Instead, wear a beanie first. Clip the sheet to the beanie so that it does not slip.

One other life-saving hack for you. Do not cut the eyes before placing the sheet on your head. Instead, place it on your head first, mark the eyeballs, and then cut out small slips for your eyes.

Viola, you got the exact position for your eyes.

Now draw out the area around the eyes and fill them in with circles for eyes with black permanent marker.  

If you want to twin with your dog in this Halloween costume just cut another hole for his nose.

Mummy Bed Sheet Halloween Costume


Materials Required:

  • 2 white bed sheets
  • A pair of scissors
  • Teabags and coffee
  • A brush
  • Fitted white tee shirt and pant
  • Makeup – white base , black and red eye shadow

Now this second look that you can try is a mummy Halloween costume from bed sheets.

Simply take old bed sheets. Cut a slit about 2 x3 inches and then tear it with your hands till the end length of the bed sheet to give it a more rough and rustic look with small threads around.

Repeat the process until you have a lot of long strips! We mean A LOT!

Once all strips are made, now take make some tea or coffee without milk and then stain the strips to give it a more rough and scary look.

You can use a brush to stain the strips from some places, or you can dip the strips in a bowl with some tea or coffee mixture. You can do half strips stained and leave half of them white as well.

Once the strips are dyed now you need to put on your white skin fitted shirt and pants.

Now start wrapping the strips on your body and work your way up from feet below to the top of your head. Start giving some good knots to the strips to give a more real and scary feel.

Leave your eyes and some part of the face visible and then cover it with some ghostly makeup. Put a white base to the base or a very light shade and make some dark circles under the eyes with black eye shadow. Give a look for some scratches and stained blood with red eye shadow or lipstick.

And your mummy costume from bed sheets is all ready to slay.

Tips to collect white bed sheets

If you do not have any old bed sheets available at home ask your local thrift store for used bed sheets. Tell them you don’t care if they are fitted, old or stained.

You can also ask hotels to lend you their old ripped bed sheets if they are not going to use them.

Happy Halloween!

Oliver and Smith wishes you a very Happy Halloween. We hope you have fun with these Halloween costume ideas from bed sheets.

Additional happy news, stay tuned with us for amazing discounts on beds and mattresses this Halloween. We have some fun activities planned for you guys as well to double the Halloween fun with your DIY costumes.

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