A complete velvet furniture cleaning guide

A complete velvet furniture cleaning guide

The velvet sofa placed in your living room looks all regal, elegant, and chic. But to keep its beauty intact, you need to clean it in the right way. Usually, people tend to use the wrong ways to tidy up their velvet furniture. Resultantly, the fabric loses its charm soon, becomes snagged and dull. So here is a complete guide on how to clean your velvet furniture in the right way. Let’s have a read at it!


First of all, you need to know about the difference between the kinds of velvet before we proceed towards the cleaning guide. When choosing the furniture fabric, you need to know which one goes well with your lifestyle. Cotton velvet is generally high-maintenance. It is prone to getting stains, difficult to clean, and gets worn out if not taken care of properly. However, on the other hand, synthetic velvet is more durable and ideal for rough use. It is made up of unbreakable fibers. Additionally, stains can be removed from it easily too. So, if you have kids and pets at your place, try choosing furniture made of synthetic velvet. And if not, then cotton velvet is the best!

Side note: Let it be synthetic velvet or cotton velvet cloth, both of them offer the same majestic appearance. It’s just about one is more durable and lasting and the other one is relatively flimsy. Hence, both look equally beautiful. See your convenience.


Tidying up the velvet furniture using water and liquid cleaners is not a good idea. As liquid can make the velvet look ragged and old soon. Therefore, it is not recommended to use liquids to clean the velour pieces. Though, here are the three best ways you can clean it.


If you have been watching a movie while sitting on your velvet sofa and munching snacks, you can easily brush off the crumbs afterwards. Furthermore, a dusting of the velour bed can also be done comfortably and thoroughly with a brush. However, make sure that the bristles of the brush are soft enough not to damage the fiber. Brushes with stiff bristles can make the velvet snag. Prevent using them and go for subtler ones.


A vacuum is the best way to clean your velour furniture. Instead of paying heavily to the sofa cleaners, better invest in a vacuum. You surely won’t regret it! The vacuum doesn’t harm the fabric at all. Additionally, it is not much time-consuming. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to clean a velour bed or a velvet sofa with a vacuum. It sucks away all the dust and scraps. Thus, leaving your velvet furniture all fresh as it was when it was new.


If you’re lazy or busy enough and cannot clean the velvet furniture using the previous two ways, here is the third one! You can easily get your stuff dry cleaned from the nearby dry cleaners as well. This will save both your time and energy. However, velvet furniture dry cleaning can be costly. Try to look for the most pocket-friendly and efficient shops in your town!


Immediately try to remove the stains by using a soft cloth and some mild warm water mixed with soap. The longer the stain stays, the hard it becomes to get rid of it. Synthetic velvet is led prone to getting rigid stains.


Water is an old enemy of velvet. The velvety fabric loses its smoothness if exposed to water and detergent. Furthermore, its color fades. Water also leaves its mark on the velour fabric. If you don’t like your dirty velvet furniture piece and are going to wash it using water and detergent, know that you’ll further hate it afterward! SO, DON’T DO IT! Rather invest in getting it dry cleaned than destroying the furniture. Plus, prevent any frequent liquid spillage on the velvet sofa or bed as it’ll leave spots that will be hard to remove afterward.

Cleaning the velvet furniture is important or else it becomes home to bed bugs, dust and germs. Thus, resulting in allergies and related problems. Plus, dirty furniture doesn’t look much appealing either. The just mentioned was a complete velvet furniture cleaning guide to aware readers about the dos and don’ts of tidying up your velour pieces. Touchwood helps!

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