When you've been in a relationship with someone for a long time, you get so used to being together that you can't even stomach the thought of ever breaking up. While attaining a level of intimacy is beautiful, becoming attached to your mate can sometimes cloud our opinion, making it tough to notice the aspects of your relationship that need some honest attention.

The sad fact is that couples out there stay together even though they're unhappy. Usually, unhappy couples hang in there for their kids' sake. According to a study from the University of Chicago, only 60 percent of married couples in 2014 reported being happy together while others did not.

Yet, some unhappy couples aren't married or co-parenting. There are so many reasons unhappy long-term couples stick it out. If you think you are one of them, then it's worth remembering that living in a depressing relationship is never worth it. No matter what your reasoning may be.

Need some help figuring out if you should reconsider your dreamy situation? Here are 5 signs which indicate that you are unhappy in your relationship.

  1.     You're Always Looking at Other People as Potential Partners

You know what, no matter how happy we are with our loved ones, we will sometimes notice someone else attractive. But this shouldn't be something that happens regularly, and if it is, then you're not as fueled about being in this coupledom as you might think you are.

Observing physical beauty in another person is one thing. But constantly thinking what life would be like to wake up next to them instead of yours indicates that your home life isn't solid.


  1.     Your Heart Sinks When Your Partner Texts You

There's always a pleasant feeling when your partner calls or texts you unexpectedly during the day. You weren't experiencing any destructive emotions when you saw their name on your phone.

But if you experience an immediate dislike to receiving a call from them, that means you most likely don't want to speak to them at all, and there's nothing affectionate or loving about that.

  1. You're Acting Out in Unhealthy Ways When You Fight

Every pair fights. So, the fact that you're arguing isn't innately something to worry about. Though, the way you react to those fights that’s matters. Someone who often acts harshly to take revenge or impose emotional pain on their mate rather than have a mature conversation about the quarrel probably doesn't have very much matter and love for the relationship.


  1.     You Feel Like You Don't Have Much to Talk About at Dinner

There's nothing more embarrassing than seeing a couple on a date sitting silent and awkwardly staring at the breadbasket. It's so embarrassing to watch that when we see people in this situation, we often can't help but talk about them under our sniff.

Similarly, suppose you and your partner find yourselves in this uneasy situation. In that case, you should consider whether you're staying together for the reason that you genuinely like each other or you're just sticking it out because it feels common.


  1.     They're Not the First Person You Want to Spend Time With

Say you unexpectedly got released early from work on weekdays. Who are the first people you want to hang out with? Who are you dying to see? That shortlist of persons is who you care about the most.

If your partner doesn't cut, they may not be as crucial to you as you tell yourself they are. You can't be that happy with the one who doesn't show a significant role in your life.

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