5 Cuddling Positions And What They Say About You

5 Cuddling Positions And What They Say About You

Recently, Researchers have confirmed that cuddles aren't just cozy. There are some actual benefits!

Cuddling is a love language all its own, or we can say it is one of the effortless joys of being in a relationship. Just be it with your spouse, your favorite four-legged mate, or a cozy body support pillow. It is a fantastic way to de-stress and create intimacy. But there’s more to cuddling than merely wrapping your arms around your partner and holding tight.

Beds are the best place for cuddling. Some mates love to cuddle and latch onto their lover every time they get a chance. While others, not so much. They retain cuddling for the room as a stepping stone. And forget about the general perception that men aren’t natural cuddlers.

Snuggling, hugging, and massage all fall under the cuddling umbrella. There is no right or wrong method to cuddle, but some cuddling positions can enhance the cuddling sessions. 

5 Cuddling Positions

Here are the best cuddlings positions for couples, depending on your relationship goals, stage, and surroundings. 

  • The Spoon
  • Spooning is the best cuddling position. Either you be a little spoon or a big spoon. The big spoon is mainly the larger or the dominant partner. When you’re the big spoon, you wrap your arms smoothly all around your mate while both lie down closely on the side, your stomach lies against their back. While the little spoon wraps their arms around you, snuggling closer.  

  • The sweetheart Cradle   
  • A sweetheart cradle hug is often used when you want to be nurtured. Your mate lies on their back and holds you smoothly while your head lies on their chest. 

  • The Leg Hug
  • Leg hug is famous when sleep is your priority; it is also referred to as a cheek-to-cheek hug. After you and your mate find a comfortable position on the bed, you put one leg of yours on top of your partner's leg. But you need to adjust your leg if it’s bothering you or your mate.

  • The Lap Pillow
  • Laying your head in your mate’s lap is the best and most comfortable position. It also demonstrates love and trust since it leaves your mate more vulnerable. This cuddle makes it easy to snatch a forehead kiss. And this position is also best for watching your favorite series on Netflix. 

  • The Arm Draper
  • The Arm Draper is the position in which you and your mate are facing each other, and arms draped all around. You guys can have eye contact, which creates the best moments if you’re trying to be romantic. This cuddle is also quite distracting if you want to sleep, yet it is most beautiful.

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