We all want to go to bed at night with a smile on our face. And a bedroom is a place where we can unwind after a hard and tiring day. Thus it should be comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful.

Have you ever been in a hotel room without a striking headboard along the wall opposite the plush bed? Most likely not. Why? The quickest and most effortless approach to give a bedroom a more beautiful appearance is to add a stylish tall bed frame with headboard. There is simply no reason why you cannot recreate the look at home if anyone can do it. 

If you're looking for ways to elevate your bedroom, look no further than the three tall bed frame with headboard. These beds are perfect for adding style and luxe to any room in your home.

  • Avalon - A tall, Modern, Classic Headboard Bed with nothing but Class! 

  • You'd be astonished at how many different styles you can create using our Avalon Upholstered Platform Beds that come in deep grey color and looks majestic and gives a sophisticated style look to make your space sanctuary. 

  • Verona - The timeless bed you have been dreaming of! 

  • What more could you ask for than the broad channel tufting and curved edges of our Verona Upholstered Platform Bed to instantly add charm to your room? A gentle silky feeling? You get that too! 

  • Madison -Sophisticated, Button Tufted High Headboard Linen Platform Bed Frame

  • The nuances are everything when it comes to our Oliver & Smiths Madison Upholstered Platform Bed. With this formal foundation in your room, it's difficult not to feel posh with the dazzling nailhead trim and diamond-patterned button tufting. 

    Now here are three reasons why you should consider adding tall headboard beds to your bedroom space:  

    i. It will make your room look spacious and exotic 

    Adding a tall headboard bed gives the impression that there is more space in the room. This makes the room feel bigger and more open, which can help create an emotional connection with guests who visit your home overnight or during the day.

    ii. It helps create an inviting feeling

    A tall headboard bed provides an inviting feeling that helps create a relaxing environment for guests who visit your home or stay overnight at hotels or resorts nearby. You can use this feature as an opportunity to allow guests to get comfortable and relax before they retire for the evening or rest.

    iii. It will make you vibe more than you ever could 

    We understand if you think the most excellent furniture is meant to be seen. And any lover of home design is aware that the bedroom may be completely transformed by a headboard bed that stands out. We've created some of our finest platform bed with headboard that are exquisitely embroidered and upholstered to give a bit of added drama to your aesthetic to compliment your favorite place in the house. Who doesn't adore that, though? 

    How a Tall Headboard Bedroom Can Lift your Mood in the Most Astonishing Ways

    Because bedrooms are such intimate areas, it's crucial to arrange yours according to your preferences and requirements. We've compiled our favorite bedroom design ideas to help you create your own lovely bubble boudoir. 

    This dynamic place (your room) should keep you content by feeding you energy in the morning so that you awake feeling refreshed and calm enough to let you wind down easily. 


    A tall bed frame with headboard with a flattering silhouette adds a realistic appearance of sophistication. Cotton headboards with studs are ordinary. Or a headboard with a classical profile would add a touch of stylish design to your bedroom.

    Contact Oliver Smith for helpful bed professionals if you have any questions about picking a headboard for your bed; they are always delighted to assist. Alternatively, you may stop by the showroom to experience our plush fabrics and upholstered headboards in person.

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