10 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

10 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what would make the perfect Christmas bedroom decor. You can do so many things to make your room festive and inviting for the holidays. A warm and cozy Christmas bedroom is the perfect spot to spend your holidays. 

This article will help you explore 10 of our favorite Christmas bedroom decor ideas. From simple to extravagant, there is something for everyone on this list.


  • Christmas Bed Set 

Every Christmas bedroom should have festive bedding as the Christmas season officially begins. If you don't want to go with the standard novelty patterns, like Santa Claus and candy canes, choose a sleek, minimalist design instead. 

There's nothing that a Red Bed can't do on Christmas! 

Add an Oliver & Smith's Astor linen platform bed to elevate the entire Christmas look of your bedroom. The red bed is the perfect option to enhance the Christmas look overall. 

If you just don't want to get a new bed, then the easiest method to infuse some holiday happiness into your bedroom designs is to concentrate on the look of your current bed. Easy-to-do ideas include covering the bed with plaid quilts and colored eiderdowns, hanging Christmas wreaths, and decorating headboards with fake plants.


  • DIY Christmas Tree

This very easy idea can be done in just a few minutes. All you need to do is purchase an Artificial Christmas Tree and some fairy lights, then hang the tree from the ceiling or attach it to the wall at eye level. A tabletop or synthetic furs can keep the space feeling open and bring in some holiday goodness. 

You can also wrap the stand of your Christmas tree in a thick knit throw to make it seem snug and then hang Christmas lights, bells, flowers, and small gifts from it to make it glitter at night. Hang some ornaments from the branches and add a festive garland for an extra touch of Christmas. And Cheers! 

Moreover, you can select a color palette that goes with your bedroom, such as relaxing, neutral, and delicate rose ornaments. Or, establish a theme and fill out your bedroom tree with decorations that go with it.


  • Fairy Lights 

Put up some string lights all around the room to create a warm atmosphere that will make you feel like you are at the North Pole! Having twinkling fairy lights in your bedroom for Christmas is a must and is super easy for anyone. 

A mere strand of sparkling fairy lights with a few touches of soft greens (both real and fake, in this case) intermingled can spread cheer without disturbing a pleasant night's sleep.

You can leave them on all year long for a charming light if you want. 


  • Christmas Throw 

Get yourself a Christmas-themed throw blanket, so you can cuddle up with it while reading a book before bedtime! This Christmas throw can add a layer of plush and an incredible wintery texture.


  • Green & Red Themed Room 

Both in traditional and modern surroundings, red and green are aesthetically attractive. The key to designing a modern bedroom in these two colors, much like the red and green room, is to use them sparingly. 

The holiday season makes this much easier because you only need to take some stunning green garlands and red Christmas ornaments to complete the look. 

Giving your bedroom a festive flair only requires a few modest furnishings. This basic bedroom instantly transforms into a winter wonderland by adding giant white snowflakes and green Christmas-themed throw pillows. Christmas lights are strung across the headboard, and a thick wool wrap will add a pleasant glow to your chilly refuge. More red and green can be used in the bedroom, with red drapes, green-painted bed frames, and gorgeous red lamps to add a more intriguing look.


  • Candles To The Rescue 

Christmas is the ideal time to choose your unique scents. Festive candles and diffusers can help in bringing back thousands of pleasant Christmas memories. As in bedrooms, warm, layered lighting should take place over harsh overhead lighting since lighting is the ultimate mood-setter, and candles can be the right thing. 

So create an atmosphere with candles and glass lanterns placed by the bedside and on top of dressers and tables. Add some holiday scents with candles or potpourri to spread the festive mood!


  • Hang in Calendar 

To create a distinctive Christmas vibe, hang an Advent calendar on an empty wall in your bedroom. This can be a decorative addition to a child's bedroom or added to your own bedroom. 

Hanging numbered envelopes and boxes containing little trinkets and treats from a tree can help your kids count down to the big day. Just hang it up enough so that they can't go peeking once you've tucked them in!


  • Christmas Wreath Decor 

No one can go wrong with Christmas Wreaths Ever! We all adore Christmas wreaths because they are such eternally adorable decor pieces. 

Get a variety of hoop wreaths and embellish them with little sprigs of red berries and winter greens. Afterward, use an invisible thread to hang them from to frame the headboard. Alternately, you may attach them to the tips of Christmas light strings to make a lovely, dazzling wall at night. 


  • Winter Retreat On Christmas 

Mixing rich colors, eye-catching patterns, and velvety textures to create an extravagant Christmas plan will give your bedroom a magnificent feel. With thick draperies and multiple layers of linen, a four-poster bed creates the ultimate hotel-inspired sanctuary, cocooning you in warmth and luxury.

With such a sumptuous design, sensual finishes are essential. These include woven wallpapers that give a soft backdrop, plush velvet bedding, vivid tartans and tapestries, rustic tweeds, and opulent faux furs.


  • White & Red Floral Decor 

Set up floral display for the winter to adorn surfaces and add a touch of the season's vibrancy. White roses, vivid berry sprigs, crimson skimmia, and green greenery can be used to create a little posy for a bedside table. 

Covering it with an old-fashioned glass cloche will add panache and make it shimmer in the light of a nightlight or candle lantern.


Christmas is all about enjoying time with your loved ones, elegantly adorning the home, and having a lot of fun. While many of us decorate the foyer, living room, and dining room with glistening Christmas decorations and festive lights, the bedroom often goes unnoticed and uninvolved. 

This Christmas season, break the monotonous pattern by appropriately decorating your comfy bedroom as the day approaches. By enhancing the enchantment all about you and making your bedroom feel festively festive, you can awaken feeling even more "Christmassy" this Christmas. These top 10 ideas will help you get through. 

Let us know which idea you like the most and what are you going to decorate your own room this Christmas?

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